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Seagate GoFlex Satellite 500GB review

Portable storage device with built-in Wi-Fi

Seagate GoFlex Satellite 500GB review
GoFlex Satellite isn't as slim as the Wi-Drive, but it has a bigger capacity and is more versatile


  • Huge storage capacity
  • Replaceable connector
  • Works with third-party apps


  • No internet bridging

Like the Kingston Wi-Drive 16GB, the Seagate GoFlex Satellite 500GB is a portable storage device with built-in Wi-Fi, so you can store media and data files on the drive and enjoy them on any Wi-Fi device.

But Seagate's drive differs from Kingston's in several key areas. The GoFlex Satellite has USB 3.0 cabled connectivity, which is backwards-compatible with the Mac's USB 2.0 ports. You can buy an optional FireWire 800 interface, and Thunderbolt is promised soon.

As it uses the NTFS format, before your Mac can write to it you need to install an NTFS driver; fortunately this is included in the box.

As the Satellite uses a hard drive it's bulkier and heavier than Wi-Drive, but you get a lot more storage for your money. A built-in accelerometer shuts down the drive to protect it against sudden knocks or falls.

Battery life is around five hours, and up to three Wi-Fi-enabled devices can connect at any one time.

The GoFlex Satellite's iOS application lets you open your media in third-party apps, so you're not restricted to file types iOS can natively read. If, for example, you have an ebook that won't open in iBook but will in Stanza, or a movie that can't be viewed in Video but can in Azul, you can enjoy them from the Satellite using these apps.

You can't currently go online while connected to the Satellite, but we're told this is coming in an upgrade.

Although it's almost twice as expensive as the Wi-Drive, it could be argued that the GoFlex Satellite's greater capacity and versatility make it better value for money. If you don't mind the weight gain, that is.

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