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Hyundai W241D review

Cash in on a great value PVA panel

As well as extremely competitive image quality, the Hyundai W241D also has a full-on feature set

Our Verdict

Every bit as good as the more expensive PVA competition already on the market


  • Great PVA panel
  • Comprehensive connectivity
  • High quality chassis


  • A few image artefacts

Do not let the brand put you off, the Hyundai W241D is an extremely polished and technically accomplished unit.

Its key feature is an up-to-the-second S-PVA panel. The scuttlebutt suggests it is the very same Samsung produced panel as found in a number of premium 24-inchers, including Samsung's own 245T model, naturally enough.

Excellent image quality

Undoubtedly, it's ludicrously vibrant and sports rich, saturated colours that are a match for the 245T, and indeed the likes of Dell's 2407WFP-HC. In short, it offers all the usual advantages of a monitor based on a PVA panel.

Black tones are deep and inky, while whites are bright, crisp and even. Likewise, it boasts extremely stable viewing angles with most colours and in both axis. We're also happy to report that input lag, often a problem on PVA screens, is absent.

As well as extremely competitive image quality, it also has a full-on feature set. The chassis, hewn from solid black and white glossy plastic, is a real looker.

Connectivity, meanwhile, is comprehensively covered, with both DVI and HDMI digital ports along with VGA and component analogue options. A pair of USB headers round things out.

Some display issues

The W241D does, however, have a weakness or two. Firstly, there's a whiff of backlight bleed in the corners of the panel. It's not excessive, but it is enough for panel pedants to notice. Another minor glitch is the so-called problem of inverse ghosting.

It's an image artefact that has appeared on the latest overdriven PVA screens and involves a dark trail that appears behind moving objects, dependent on the colours being rendered.

The problem is only very slight, and it's an issue the more expensive competition shares, we wouldn't let it stop us cashing in on the great value this Hyundai offers.