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Logitech MX Master 2S review

The wireless mouse you never knew you needed

Our Verdict

With high-precision tracking that works on every surface, dual USB and Bluetooth connectivity, cross-computer control and very long battery life, this is the ultimate wireless mouse one could have asked for.


  • Highly customizable buttons
  • Tracks on any surface
  • Seamlessly switches between computers


  • Not for left-handed people
  • A little on the heavy side

“It looks like a weapon from the future!”, said a friend who had just come across the Logitech MX Master 2S for the very first time. When you come to think of it, the mouse is actually a very neglected part of a computer system or a notebook for that matter. After all, it is just a pointing object for most of the consumers. An exception here would be professional gamers and designers who have specific requirements for certain features. Logitech’s MX Master 2S sits in that sweet spot between the needs of a regular consumer and an illustrator or an editor.

Logitech MX Master 2S price

The MX Master 2S retails for Rs 8,995 in India but you can often find it selling for a much lesser price online. Interested buyers can also check Amazon India as the wireless mouse is available there at a discount of Rs 1,000, almost always.

Design and Features

Before getting to play with the MX Master 2S, I had been using the MK240 wireless mouse from Logitech. I found that to be one of my best experiences with a device in this range, that is until MX Master 2S came by.

As a user who also often works on programs like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and CorelDraw, I was simply amazed at the built and in-hand feel of the MX Master 2S. The mouse fits in your hand and immediately feels like a part of it. Although, if you are used to smaller mice, it will take a bit of hand adjustment to get to hang of this mouse. But considering the usage and flexibility, it’s worth it!

It measures 126.0 mm x 85.7 mm x 48.4 mm. Being a bit on the heavier side, it weighs approximately 145 grams. The mouse has four rubber grips on the bottom which allows for a very precise movement, which are noticeable only if you pick it up in your hand. These rubber grips are not like what you’d usually find on your regular run-of-the-mill mice, four little dot-resembling grips which come out of their holding in the long run. The ones on this mouse are extended and merge with the design. It features a 4000-DPi Darkfield sensor with high precision tracking on any surface including glass.

The mouse has a rubberized finish which starts at the extended thumb-rest and covers the whole of the palm area, towards the other edge. However, the left and right click buttons are plastic and have a matte finish. The thumb-rest area has a good-looking abstract design which feels very tactile to look at. In addition to these buttons, the MX Master 2S has a second wheel next to the thumb-grip which enables horizontal scrolling, a back and forward button along with the gesture button on the thumb-rest.

Below the primary scroll wheel, it has a Mode Shift button. Users can choose between two different modes of scrolling speeds. There’s the ratchet-style scroll which is clicky in use and a free spin mode which enables smoother and faster scroll speed.

An advantage of having all these buttons is that Logitech allows users to customize them, to the point that users can assign individual keystrokes as well, which comes really handy if one uses a lot of shortcuts keys.

Then there’s Logitech Flow system, which allows you to not only connect and use the mouse on three different computers but does so simultaneously. Meaning by, that you can move seamlessly from one computer to another – even copy + paste text and files – without pressing a button to switch systems. However, the option to use just one computer at a time is still available. Switching from one system to the other is seamless and users can do it easily by simply taking the on-screen cursor and moving it towards the edge of the screen. And just like that, the cursor flows through one system to the other. The cursor automatically switches to the other system without any lag whatsoever and it feels really neat. The Logitech Flow system supports both Windows and macOS which means that users can use it across both the systems effortlessly.

As an aid to illustrators and video editors who often have to work across multiple systems, Logitech Flow can certainly come across as a handy feature.

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With the MX Master 2S, Logitech has been able to create a combination of high precision tracking and the versatility one can expect from a professional wireless mouse. In addition, it offers seamless multitasking which is unmatched for other devices in this range. Edit videos on one computer, reply to emails on another and play a game on the third computer - without blinking or switching the mouse! 

The mouse has a very low latency when used via the USB receiver, while in the Bluetooth mode there’s an apparent lag if the mouse is kept idle for some time. Due to the 4000-DPi precision sensor, you can use the mouse on virtually any surface, adding a point to its flexibility.

During my usage of the device, it increased by productivity in a number of ways. Reason being, the horizontal and vertical scrolls as well as the back and forward buttons make it so easy to zip around websites and programs which otherwise you’ll be hard-pressed to customize them.

Logitech Options is a free utility that enables customization and individual buttons mapping. One can adjust pointer and scrolling speeds, enable or disable SmartShift for the scroll wheel mode automation and setup Logitech Flow. The program also allows users to create different configuration profiles for individual applications, which I have to admit is really convenient.

The MX Master 2S features two different types of scrolling - Ratchet and Freespin. The different between the two is that the Ratchet scrolling lets users scroll more precisely and gives a more tactile response. On the other hand, Freespin scrolling lets you “free scroll” through long documents or web pages with a single flick of the scroll-wheel. There’s an option to enable SmartShift from the Logitech Options program which automatically switches between free spin and ratchet modes based on the set sensitivity.

The battery life of the MX Master 2S just blows every other wireless mouse out of the water! By the time this review is up, it would have been 31 days since my unit was powered on for the first time. In my daily usage, which consisted of more than 8 hours of using the MX Master 2S, the battery level of the mouse dropped to just 50% which is in line with Logitech’s promise of offering up to 70 days of battery life on a single charge. It supports fast charging as well, which is a welcome addition.

The only disadvantage that we could manage to draw from our extended usage is that the MX Master 2S isn’t made for left-handed folks. Logitech could bring a separate version of its mouse for left-handers, but we don’t see it happening anytime soon.


The MX Master 2S is sculpted to improve efficiency and is one of the few devices to have that kind of a perfect balance between ease of use and functionality. With high-precision tracking that works on every surface, dual USB, Bluetooth connectivity, cross-computer control and comparatively a very long battery life, this is the ultimate wireless mouse one could have asked for. In addition, its ability to support customizations increases its versatility by manifolds. 

After using the MX Master 2S, I don’t know how will I ever go back to using my regular wireless mouse!

Siddharth Chauhan
  • Siddharth Chauhan is the Consumer Technology Reporter at Digit India. He used to work as an Assistant Editor at TechRadar India