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Toshiba 32SL738 review

Extremely cheap 32in edge LED TV with no Freeview HD and some frustrating picture issues

Toshiba 32SL738
The 32SL738 looks good and is well connected, with a very attractive price

Our Verdict

The 32SL738 looks good and is well connected, but the lack of a Freeview HD tuner feels like a trim too far and the backlight inconsistency is a worry


  • Good looks
  • Very attractive price for an edge LED TV
  • Decent connectivity
  • Surprisingly extensive calibration tools
  • Bright and vivid pictures with bright scenes


  • The backlight lacks consistency
  • No Freeview HD tuner
  • Clunky operating system
  • No online features
  • Poor dynamic backlight control

At first glance the Toshiba 32SL738 seems to make little sense. While it is edge LED backlight, it has an HD ready, rather than a full HD, resolution and no Freeview HD tuner.

This latter omission is particularly striking, given that hi-def terrestrial tuners are now fairly routine fixtures on modern TVs.

The £500 price is cheap for any 32in LCD TV, though, let alone one with an LED backlight.These are proven to deliver better pictures than standard (CCFL) lamps and are usually found only on premium LCD TVs such as Samsung's 32C6000, which comes in at nearer £800.

So Toshiba's thinking with the 32SL738 suddenly becomes blindingly clear: it wants to grab headlines by delivering the cheapest 32in LED TV it can, even if that means stripping away a few key features.

If you want a 32in TV from Toshiba that does carry Freeview HD, take a look at either the 32SL753 or the CCFL-powered 32RV753. Other edge LED options come in the shape of the WL and VL series, but for these start at 40in and are considerably more expensive.

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