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Mitsubishi HC900 projector review

Hardly destined to become a bright shining superstar

Our Verdict

Just doesn't do enough to stand out from the pack


  • Bright and decent picture quality


  • Noisy

    DLP rainbow effect visible

    Lacks advanced features

Forget big-screen plasmas - the only way to get the true movie-going experience in the comfort of your own home is to invest in a projector.

This DLP model produces great pictures when fed with a DVD player, but it's less good when projecting standard telly. It's also noisy, and rainbow effects in the picture are quite visible. It seems pricey too, considering that it lacks goodies such as lens shift and high-definition support that you find on similarly priced projectors.

With so much competition in the home cinema projector market at the moment, this is one bright light that's destined for mediocrity.