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Taco Bell's burrito-ordering bot is your new soulmate

Taco Bell's new TacoBot wants to take your order

It was bound to happen. If pizza was going all 21st-century with Amazon Echo integration and Domino's drone delivery, tacos would have to follow suit.

Enter the TacoBot, Taco Bell's take on blending modern tech with fast food. Teaming up with the professional chatroom service Slack, the Bell made an AI capable of taking your order from the comfort of your keyboard.

TacoBot will take your order, suggest modifications, change out ingredients, review your order, and even engage in small talk. Taco Bell claims its AI can chat not just about the menu, but also how it's feeling and its favorite movies.

Though it's in private beta at the moment (sorry, stoners), TacoBot is taking up a waitlist for any companies interested in cutting the automated cashier some Slack.

While you wait, tacos' equally delicious brother pizza can still be ordered a number of amusingly lazy ways, such as via tweet, emojis, or an assuredly outdated Kinect app.