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Wireless media server arrives on the cheap

Thanko's media streamer brings movies to any room in the house

Thanko is one of those small Japanese electronics companies that comes up with the goods time after time and always at a price that makes even frivolous gadgets seem sensible. The latest such piece of kit is a wireless audio-visual setup for beaming media around the home without the inconvenience of long cables.

The ¥9,800 (£43) set labours under a Japanese name that is almost untranslatable ('Wireless Image Repository' is about as close as we can get). It includes a transmitter for connecting to the source and a receiver that hooks up with the destination screen.

DIY home security

As the two boxes can connect to anything with composite connections, pretty much any AV equipment is fair game. Thanko even suggests setting up a regular video camera to keep watch over the front door and relay images to a TV in the living room.

A pleasant surprise is included in the shape of an infrared receiver and remote control that sends commands over the 2.4GHz wireless connection, thereby enabling devices in other parts of the house to be controlled from the comfort of an armchair.