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3D TV coming soon, suggests Sky

Sky 3D
Sky 3D

Sky has not given up hope on its ambitious 3D TV project, and Chief Engineer Chris Johns has reiterated the company's plan of launching the moment they judge the time is right.

Sky showed off its 3D concept back in December of last year, proving that they could stream live sport with added depth.

But, speaking at the Digital TV Group's annual conference, Johns insisted that a 2009 launch was possible.

"We have the luxury to be able to test and trial 3D," said Johns. "Our aim is to refine 3D techniques and TV production and build a content library over the coming year."


Meanwhile, any chance of a resumption of talks over a buyout of Tiscali by BSkyB has ended.

"Due to the worsening of the market environment in which the potential buyer also operates, the board of directors has acknowledged that it is de facto impossible to proceed," Tiscali said.

Via Digital Spy