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Select Facebook users can now use voice clips as status updates

Facebook is testing a new “Add Voice Clip” feature on its status update menu, which allows users to record a short audio clip and post it as a status update. 

As of now, the feature has only been spotted by few users in India. Looks like Facebook wants to cover all the mediums we use to share. While photos, videos, and text already exist, it's time to make the most out of voice. 

"We are always working to help people share and connect with their friends and family on Facebook in ways that are authentic to them. Voice Clips gives people a new medium through which to express themselves," a Facebook spokesperson was quoted saying as per TechCrunch.

When I looked up for the feature, it was resting silently below “Add Photo/Video” option on my phone. It’s confirmed that Facebook is testing the feature but we’re still not sure what will they call it. As I spotted a similar feature on my colleague’s phone, where the feature was listed as "Add Voice Recording".

We recorded a sample test and posted it on the timeline, it shows up as a waveform with the user’s profile picture in the centre. You can click/tap on the play button to listen to the message. We are not sure about the maximum length about of the clip, but we expect it to be under specific limit.

The Voice Clip feature makes sense for a country like India, as there are hundreds of local languages. Typing is definitely the primary way of sharing, but there are only few languages available on Google’s Gboard or any other keyboard right now. 

Facebook, with this feature, can leverage the possibilities of voice for sharing status messages inside closed communities or groups, who do not understand a second language. 

If the Voice Clip feature is adopted by users, then Facebook may plan to roll it out elsewhere. More so because Facebook is rumoured to be working on smart home speakers code-named Fiona and Aloha. It makes sense to use voice clips to listen and update status messages without touching the phone. 

Sudhanshu Singh

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