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Prey adds VR escape room with latest update

Prey's Typhoon Hunter update adds two brand new modes to the sci-fi horror game: a VR escape room and deadly multiplayer hide-and-seek.

TranStar VR is a new single-player mode which sees you working as a TransStar employee, the game's mysterious company. You must complete objectives and solve puzzles in an escape-room-style campaign - just days before the events of Prey. This mode is available for PC and PlayStation VR.

On the other hand, Prey: Typhoon Hunter multiplayer is a new online mode which sees one player taking on the role of Morgan Yu, while five other players take on the role of Mimics. It's Morgan's job to find and kill all the Mimics, and it's the Mimics' job to find and kill Morgan before time runs out.

Multiplayer mimicry

Making things slightly more difficult, like in the main Prey game, Mimics can disguise themselves as everyday objects such as garbage cans, pizza boxes and bananas. 

You can check the trailer for Prey: Typhoon Hunter below:

The Prey: Typhoon Hunter update is live now and is a free update for those who already own the Prey: Digital Deluxe and Prey: Mooncrash expansions.