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Sony Smartwatch 2 app update makes time for custom watch faces

Sony Smartwatch 2 app update
The timepiece keeps on ticking

Sony is fulfilling its promise to continue to update its Android-based Smartwatch 2 instead of jumping ship to Google's promising new Android Wear platform.

The official Smartwatch 2 app has been updated to bring a customizable watch face editor to the company's wrist-worn wearable.

At a glance, you'll be able to see custom widgets for the date, weather, calendar, Bluetooth, notifications, battery life and alarms set.

The list doesn't stop there. Because Sony has made its smartwatch open to outside developers, you can expect to see new widgets and watch faces from third-party makers.

New apps and UI improvements

Going forward, you'll always have a calculator on hand thanks to the built-in calculator app that's a part of today's SmartWatch 2 update.

Email and social media messages are also easier to keep track of. Gmail is now more reliable between the phone and watch and the Facebook app is now more "scrollable."

The Smartwatch 2 backgrounds have been spruced up with six fresh wallpapers options, and a new low light double tap mechanic conveniently increases light by 30% when the display is touched.

Sony teases "new options" and "all sorts of exciting developments" from its wearables team in the future on its official blog post.

Whether that means additional updates to its existing smartwatch, a Sony Smartwatch 3 or an Android Wear device remains to be seen.

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