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Is Samsung about to launch a tiny mirrorless camera?

Samsung NX Mini
The miniature Samsung is likely to have a one-inch sensor. Image courtesy of MirrorlessRumors.

Rumours are circulating that Samsung is soon to launch a small mirrorless camera, thought to be known as the Samsung NX Mini, which features a one-inch sensor.

Currently, Samsung CSCs use an APS-C sized sensor, the same size as found in beginner- and enthusiast-level DSLRs. As such, current models are not particularly small.

If the rumours are correct, then the new camera would share the same sensor size as both the Nikon 1 range and the fixed lens Sony RX100 II compact camera.

Towards the end of last year, Panasonic launched the GM1, a tiny compact system camera which still manages to fit a larger than one inch, Four Thirds size, sensor. It is smaller overall than the Sony RX100 II camera.

Lens range

Details are sparse about what Samsung is intending to do, but the rumours suggest that the new camera would be compatible with small interchangeable lenses which would include a 9mm fixed prime lens and a 9-27mm standard zoom lens. It seems unlikely that Samsung's current NX lens range would be compatible, at least not without some form of adapter. It's also been suggested that a 3-inch tilting LCD will be included.

Other suggested specifications include an ISO range of 160 to 12,800, micro SD card storage and full HD video recording. "Super continuous shooting capability" is rumoured to be powered by a DRIMe IV New Image Engine.

We'll bring you more as and when it emerges.

via Engadget, Mirrorless Rumors