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Your smartphone's camera is about to challenge the DSLR

Your smartphone's camera is about to challenge the DSLR

The smartphone camera is one of the of the most important features for users these days, but they still lag behind professional grade cameras. According to MediaTek though, they won't for much longer.

Speaking at the firm's Executive Forum Jeffery Ju, Senior VP at MediaTek, explained how it's developing new camera technology for our mobile devices.

MediaTek is promising a DSLR like photo experience on your mobile with a number of new features it's integrating into its next flagship chip - the Helio X20.

The firm's new MediaTek Imagiq solution looks to take mobile photography to the next level with better low light shots, brighter more natural colours, improved HDR and less pixelated zoom.


Depth, in real time

It's also developed a real time depth engine, allowing your smartphone camera to blur the background around your subject for more professional looking shots.

This blurring happens live on screen, allowing you to get a preview of your shot before you even hit the shutter key. There's a larger aperture depth in play (


Then there's the fast focus system, which MediaTek claims is 4 times faster than current auto focus. This helps when it comes to snapping fast moving objects.

So when can we expect these features in our smartphones? Handsets with the X20 chip will be shipping in 2016 - so it's really not far away.

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