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Play music from your iPhone in Sims 3

Sims 3 - make them dance to your own tunes
Sims 3 - make them dance to your own tunes

Apple's new firmware 3.0 update for the iPhone has allowed developers to make new Apps that interact with one another, with one of the best coming from EA Games in the shape of Sims 3.

Users can get their character to play music from the iPhone's music library, where the characters will dance rather weirdly to a stereo, which is always fun when you want to play God.

Or the characters can buy things as extensions within the game itself thanks to Apple's new In-App Purchase option that was unveiled as part of the new firmware update.

New items can be purchased for around 60p each, with a link to the iTunes interface coming up when you decide to buy.


Another cool App will enable diabetes sufferers (and diet freaks) to keep a close tab on their blood sugar levels.

Lifescan, from Johnson & Johnson, lets you prick your finger with a glucose meter and then transmit that data via Bluetooth to the iPhone, meaning you can keep track of your diet or glucose level for diabetics, telling them exactly how much insulin they need.

They can then re-calculate on the iPhone their insulin levels should they decide to exercise or change their blood sugar level later, with all the data shown in a handy to read chart, which can track previous levels and warn of any dangerous swings.

There's no word on when these application will be available at the moment or how much they / the equipment will cost, but we'll keep you posted.

Gareth Beavis

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