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Dedicated videophone for the elderly

DoCoMo's Simple Videophone is dedicated to serving the elderly.

NTT DoCoMo 's latest 3G phone is unusual in that it's the second mobile phone we've seen that's not actually mobile and that it's a dedicated videophone.

The 2.7kg ' Simple Videophone ' is now on sale in Japan for around ¥70,000 (£312) and uses a 3G FOMA SIM card to stay connected to the mobile network while fixed firmly in place.

Help the aged

Although the marketing literature describes the new phone as being for elderly people who are infirm and could benefit from a simple video link to relatives or caregivers, we can imagine it going down well in some small businesses.

On the technical side, there's a 1.3-megapixel camera, a 7-inch touch-sensitive display that doubles as a keypad and a remote control handset with a single button that dials for emergency help.