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HTC Sensation XE UK release date and price unveiled

HTC Sensation XE UK release date and price unveiled
HTC Sensation XE working a cheaper price tag

The HTC Sensation XE has already been given a UK release date and price by technology retailer Clove.

UPDATE: Phones4U has announced its HTC Sensation XE deals, with the phone coming in at £36 per month for a two year term. It's also managed to get the phone out a week ahead of Clove, with an HTC Sensation XE UK release date of 1 October.

The new phone, with a more powerful 1.5GHz dual-core processor and running Beats audio enhancement, will be available to buy from 7 October from Clove, according to the site's blog.

And the price will see it sold for less than the Samsung Galaxy S2 debuted at, costing only £492 to buy the phone off contract.

Power play

The phone will come with a 1730mAh battery, one of the largest from HTC to date as it tries to remedy the reputation it has for shorter battery life (thanks mostly to its Sense UI on top of the Android OS).

The UK version of the phone comes with Beats earbuds, which can be connected up to activate the Beats by Dr Dre profile to improve the quality of the sound, at no extra cost.

Other than the improved processor and battery, there's not a lot more to the phone than the original HTC Sensation, with a 4.3-inch qHD screen, 4GB of internal memory and an 8MP camera.

We're readying our eardrums for the improved sound quality the new phone will bring, so stay tuned for our imminent HTC Sensation XE review.