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BlackBerry Torch 2 pics and specs leaked

Looks samey but the insides are different
Looks samey but the insides are different

Yet another RIM leak has unearthed the BlackBerry Torch 2, successor to the original QWERTY-slider-wielding touchscreen Torch.

After the BlackBerry Dakota and BlackBerry Curve Apollo leaked onto the internet yesterday, we're beginning to suspect that RIM may have a mole.

It's looking very familiar to its predecessor on the surface, but that slider form-factor is hiding a 1.2GHz processor – that's double the power of the original BlackBerry Torch.

All the –ometers are present and correct

It's still single-core, of course. RIM is in no hurry to shove dual-core processors into its BlackBerry smartphones just yet.

Along with the new CPU, there's 512MB of RAM, Bluetooth 2.1 and BlackBerry OS6.1.

Gamers will be glad to hear of the inclusion of an accelerometer, while orienteering types will appreciate the magnetometer for its compass-like abilities.

Don't hold your breath though; BGR, which obtained the leak, says the BlackBerry Torch 2 is looking at a late Q3 release for the US. The UK release date is likely to be around the same time if not later in the year.