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3: Spotify likely talking to other operators for mobile app

3 believes Spotify likely in talks with other operators
3 believes Spotify likely in talks with other operators

3 has responded to reports it is in talks with Spotify over putting the application on its handsets by saying it believes it isn't the only one.

New Media Age claimed that the two companies are discussing the possibility of premium Spotify account holders being able to use the service, with both new and legacy 3 customers being allowed access.

3 declined to confirm to TechRadar it is in talks with Spotify, but didn't refute claims that it is in talks:

"We're constantly looking for innovative ways to give our customers access to the internet services they regularly use, so we are naturally in contact with a wide range of internet partners.

"A company like Spotify is certain to be in talks with any number of operators."

Spotify responds too

Earlier today, Spotify spoke to CNET on the issue, stating very much the same thing, so it's likely that a deal could be on the cards with more than one operator, meaning talk of a Spotify application on Apple or Android handsets could be old news soon:

"It's true that we're in talks with a range of potential partners and we definitely want to strike a deal soon. But... nothing has been agreed at this stage."

We can only hope that such a deal will soon be put in place, as being able to take your music offline won't be blocked by the likes of Apple if the networks are offering it to a range of phones, and free (ish) music will be available to all on the go.

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