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Oppo and Vivo could launch a foldable device each this year

Oppo X 2021
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Even though Huawei has been a leading smartphone maker, the US ban has forced the company to limit itself to China and by limiting supplies, the United States has literally brought the company to a grinding halt. Hence to fill the void created by the lack of Huawei’s premium devices, Chinese brands like Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo have upped their game.

Xiaomi had recently announced its first commercially available foldable phone the Mi Mix Fold and now there are rumours that both Oppo and Vivo, which are closely connected, are also working aggressively towards bringing their foldable phones to the market.

According to a Gizchina report that quotes a known Chinese leakster Digital Chat Station, both Oppo and Vivo are in an advanced stage of production of their respective Galaxy Fold 2 competitor.

A previous report suggested that Oppo is expected to launch a foldable phone soon and the current reports further verify the information. The latest report says that Oppo may have not one but two different foldable devices in the works – one with an 8-inch primary display while the other one may have a 7-inch screen.

Both these devices are expected to carry an inward folding design similar to the one that we’ve seen on Galaxy Fold, Mi Mix Fold and Huawei’s latest foldable phone. He further added that the 7” variant was close to mass-production as of January, hence in all probability, this is the variant that is slated for a launch.

Vivo on the other hand is reportedly working on a similarly designed foldable phone with a primary 8-inch display and a 6.5-inch external display. The leakster mentions that the Vivo foldable phone may come with an impressive hinge design.

Both Vivo and Oppo are known to come up with innovative designs and while Oppo recently showcased a rollable phone and a weird collapsible phone, Vivo also has a bizarre patent to its credit as well. However, it’s for the first time that multiple reports coincide to hint at impending launches. 

With that being said, both Oppo and Vivo have multiple sub-brands like OnePlus, Realme and iQoo, hence it is not sure as of now which of these BBK group companies will be the first one to launch a foldable phone

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