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Noise Cancelling ep 2: E3 cancelled, new iPads and what's up with Sony headphones?

Noise Cancelling podcast
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Last week, we did something a little bit exciting. We only went and launched a podcast, and this week we've gone and done it again.

If you somehow missed it last week, well, here's a recap: Noise Cancelling is your weekly listen into the world of tech, giving you the info you need to pretend you know what you're talking about with friends and giving an entertaining (well, we think so)  alternative look at all the news, reviews and features that we write about here each week.

This podcast, as you've probably already gathered, isn't just from TechRadar - and this week, due to gallivanting Britishness, not actually at all. Thankfully, my co-presenter Sherri L. Smith (Editor in Chief of Laptop Mag) is joined by Rami Tabari, staff writer for the same title.

Week two: wispy feelings

What did they get up to while the UK wasn't listening? Well, all manner of things were discussed: the never-ending saga of the Samsung Galaxy S20 review, Sherri revealed her love for Ori and the Will of the Wisps while Rami reviewed the HTC Vive Cosmos, and the pair both shared their feelings on Apple’s new headphones and Windows 10… 

And make sure you stick around for the Unpopular Opinions section at the end, where you'll find out exactly what is up with Sony's headphones... surely, they should be getting even more credit than they do?

All this and more on the all-new Noise Cancelling podcast - subscribe on Spotify, grab it on Apple podcasts or find us wherever you get your pods.

If you're a superfan of the site, then elevate yourself to the status of hyperfan instantly by doing your background reading before the episode has even started:

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