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Touchscreen Eee PCs are on the way

Asus Eee PCs are getting better too quickly!
Asus Eee PCs are getting better too quickly!

The real problem with netbooks is that they are improving so rapidly in terms of speed and features on offer that it is never a good time to buy one, because next month there will be something notably better on the shelf for the same price.

The Asus Eee PC is a perfect case in point. Not only does Asus release the S101 this month – quite possibly the most beautiful bit of kit TechRadar has seen all year – the latest internet Eee rumours are that the company plans to release a touchscreen Eee PC in 2009.

"There is no official announcement on this right now," our Asus rep told us today, though we expect to hear something straight from the horse's mouth pretty soon.

Digital Etch-A-Sketch

BoingBoing sums it all up rather nicely, noting that "a cheap netbook tablet could be marketed as an affordable, digital Etch-A-Sketch, useful not just for idle MS Painting, but also email and web browsing."

Dual core Atoms are also coming soon, apparently.

Damn it! Why did we go and buy the Eee PC 901 last month!