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UK 'most paranoid' about computer security, suggests study

UK - Paranoid
UK users are 'paranoid'

The UK is getting the message about how important security software on their computers is, with a Europe-wide study suggesting that Brits are more paranoid than their neighbours.

A survey by G Data of nearly 16,000 people across 11 European countries, more than a thousand of them from the UK, suggests that 94 per cent of Brits have security software installed, compared to 83 per cent in Russia.

"The finding is very interesting, and could perhaps be explained in part by factors which researchers have found to be related to the intention to practice online security," said Dr Grainne Kirwan, lecturer in cyberpsychology at Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design and Technology.

"It would seem that UK internet users have the right combination of these factors, which is a very positive thing for improving their online security."

Full suite

The UK also scored highly on having full security measures and not just anti-virus software - with 65 per cent claiming 'full suite' protection.

"In the case of internet security, a healthy dose of paranoia can be a good thing; the rest of the world can learn a lot from the UK in this respect," said James Coombes of G Data.

"Web users need to ensure they are careful for the correct reasons and continue to be aware of the risks associated with the internet."