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Spotify hits the million milestone

Spotify - rocks
Spotify - rocks

Spotify has hit the one million landmark – with the popular streaming music service quickly winning a host of adoring fans with its unique concept of using advertising to allow free use.

Spotify users can listen to any of the wide range of tracks from major studios for nothing, with an advert broadcast every so often providing the revenue needed – although there are ad-free accounts available for a monthly or daily fee.

The service has inevitably proved popular, and after an invite-only period, the move to an open beta has given a huge boost to the service's user base.

One million

"Late last night we passed a big milestone in our history, at 19.50 GMT we registered our one millionth Spotify user!" declared Andres on the Spotify blog.

"Our user growth has been amazing since we launched back in October, in particular the past few weeks have been phenomenal and growth continues to pick up speed.

"We can only thank our users who have been great at spreading the word for us and we look forward to our next big milestone."

Spotify has not yet been given the go-ahead for non-European markets, and the ad-funded service is only available in the UK, France, Spain Sweden Norway and Finland – with some nations still requiring an invite to get an account.