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MI6 uses online cupcake recipe to foil terrorism

Mmm, cupcakes
Mmm, cupcakes

British intelligence services foiled the launch of an al Qaida website, by hacking into the site and replacing bomb making instructions with cake recipes.

This is according to a Whitehall source that recently leaked the details of the online sabotage plot.

The hack by government agents took place more than a year ago – but only recently have details of the online hijinks have come to light.


The online magazine, called Inspire, was targeted by MI6 as it had various articles about terrorism, including the Brass Eye sounding "Make a bomb in the Kitchen of your Mom".

Both the UK and the US thought up ways to take Inspire down but it seems us Brits got there first.

The battle of terrorism online is big news at the moment, with the UK government announcing this week that it was working on cyber weapons to help counteract online terrorism. While the US has started calling recent cyber attacks on the country as an 'act of war'

So maybe the idea of redirecting a Jihadi website to a cupcake one isn't so half-baked after all.

The Guardian