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Facebook to offer unsubscribe button, cleans up notifications

Facebook - looking to clean up its act
Facebook - looking to clean up its act

Facebook is set to tweak how many notifications a person receives, bringing in an 'unsubscribe' button and cleaning up the birthday section of the site.

The unsubscribe feature is said to be testing at the moment, with the folks at Inside Facebook managing to grab a sneaky peak of the button in action.

Essentially, implementing this feature will mean that if you Like somebody's post and then unsubscribe you won't be sent notifications every time someone else says something on that particular post.

Five years ago the above sentence would have made no sense whatsoever.

It's your birthday

Facebook is also in the process of testing a new birthday wall which formats the look so it doesn't pollute the rest of your feed.

So, when it's your birthday, Facebook is looking to aggregate all the birthday related tweets in one easy to read post.

That is unless you don't put the words Happy Birthday into your message, as the algorithm will probably ignore whatever birthday missive you write.

These are part of a multitude of changes to the site, including the hiring of a new boss for its games division.

Via Inside Facebook