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Accused LulzSec hacker bailed but banned from the internet

Cleary - might have to play outside for a change
Cleary - might have to play outside for a change

Ryan Cleary, the teenager arrested last week under suspicion of involvement with the now-disbanded LulzSec, has been bailed on the condition that he stays offline.

As well as the internet ban, Cleary's internet-enabled gadgets have been confiscated, including his computer, iPhone and PlayStation 3.

Cleary denies the five charges against him, which include using DDoS attacks to take down various websites.

LulzSec, which has now called it a day, also denied that Cleary was involved in the collective at a high level, rather that his servers merely hosted some of its sites.

Worthwhile pursuits

His solicitor told reporters, "Ryan has last week at court been diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome, which is a form of high functioning autism.

"He will now be provided with the professional support that he needs. His obvious intelligence can now be channelled into a worthwhile pursuit."

Without any web-connected doodahs to play with, Cleary won't be doing any hacking, gaming or surfing the web while awaiting trial at the end of August.

He will be wearing an electronic tag while on bail, however; there's got to be a bit on tinkering he can do with that...

From the FT