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Mordaunt-Short Mezzo: Performance on a budget

The trickle-down effect is alive and well and Mordaunt-Short 's Mezzo is here to prove it. The Mezzo speaker range has taken some of the key elements of Mordaunt-Short's Performance flagship and injected them into the Mezzo, promising more bang for your buck.

The first models to hit the high street will be the Mezzo 2 bookshelf speakers and Mezzo 6 floorstanders. Both use Mordaunt-Short's Aspirated Tweeter Technology (ATT). This comprises of strategically placed vents in the tweeter enclosure that produce "more diffuse energy". In practice, ATT removes coloration from high-frequency sounds, delivering a more open and detailed listening experience.

The 25mm tweeter is joined by proprietary 6.5mm Continuous Profile Cone (CPC) mid/bass drive units. These promises piston-like movement at low frequencies and minimal break up at high frequencies.

The effect of both the tweeter and the mid-range/bass drivers is enhanced by a curved wood-composite cabinet. This has been shaped to stop standing waves building up inside it and ruining the sound.

The Mezzo 2 (£400) and Mezzo 6 (£800) will be available in September, when they'll be joined by a centre channel speaker and active subwoofer. Mordaunt-Short says a full 5.1-channel Mezzo setup will be revealed at IFA 2007 which starts on Friday 31st August.