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A super-sub that will work anywhere

How low can you go? 20Hz, according to Thiel

Better bass is clearly on the agenda at Thiel, the high-end loudspeaker manufacturer. The company says that its Smartsub family of subwoofers are "the most technologically advanced bass systems ever developed".

Its new SS1 subwoofer - which represents its most affordable unit ever - forms part of the new SmartSub line and combines a 500-watt amplifier with a long-throw 10-inch woofer in a compact cabinet. It is said to produce an output of up to 99dB at 20Hz and up to 106dB at 30 Hz - so hang onto your teeth!

Base station

Bass boom can be eliminated with Thiel's new technology too, the company claims. It says that the SS1 can be adjusted to automatically match the subwoofer to the main speakers, regardless of brand or type.

Plus, it can also be adjusted to eliminate room interaction problems for any placement, without the need for microphones. Part of the subwoofer's ability to go deep and low is down to some innovative driver technology, however.

Thiel's in-house drive units are low distortion types with aluminium diaphragms and unusually large magnet structures, enabling them to shift air big-time.

There's also a range of 12 real wood veneers to choose from, and Thiel can special order the cabinets in almost any desired finish.