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Google Meet attendance data now available for more users

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Google has announced that it will offer several enhancements to Google Meet attendance reports for the organizers offering them more insights around the attendees. These new reports will now include viewership information like viewer count, a number of viewers allowing the organizers to keep a track of attendees and the duration of their presence in the meetings.

Google is now making this Meet attendance data to users outside the enterprise paradigm and soon users from workspace tiers like Essentials, Business Plus, Enterprise Essentials, Enterprise Standard, and Enterprise Plus will have access to these enhanced reports.

It is, however, not yet available for Workspace Business Starter, Business Standard, G Suite Basic, Business, Education, or Nonprofits customers.

Google Meet Attendance data

(Image credit: Google)

Among other additions, organizers will be able to see the live attendee’s data in a separate tab. This tab will include information like live viewer count and the viewers over the course of the live stream.

Google is also empowering the administrators to turn off the attendance and live stream reports for the select user base based on their business domain or organizational units since it is by default available for all the users. Additionally, admins will now be able to decide if an organizational unit can make use of the Attendance tracking feature.

To top it off, Google announced that the attendee’s and meeting hosts joining via a computer or a laptop will be able to see the viewer count for events streamed live.

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