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You'll soon be able to unlock your Chromebook with a PIN code

Chromebook PIN
PIN codes are coming to Chromebooks.

Chromebooks are known for being some of the most secure laptops out there but Google is adding a new feature to Chrome OS to make it slightly easier to users to log in - a PIN code system available as an alternative to the standard username and password combo.

The new feature was announced by Mountain View engineer François Beaufort and can be switched on in the developer channel with a simple flag tweak. Head to chrome://flags then enable chrome://flags/#quick-unlock-pin. Restart Chrome OS and open up the Material Design settings page to set up a PIN.

Beaufort notes the new feature will come in handy for those on touchscreen Chromebooks. It also means you won't have to enter your master Google password each time you log in, which can be risky if someone's looking over your shoulder.

Another option, which requires no typing at all, is to unlock your Chromebook with a trusted Android device, something Google calls Smart Lock. The new feature comes on the back of Android apps being introduced to Chrome OS too.

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