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The Courier: is Microsoft's secret tablet real?

Microsoft's new Courier tablet PC
Microsoft's new Courier tablet PC

Microsoft is apparently set to release a dual screen tablet PC, the Courier, with seven inch touchscreens and a new and intuitive UI, if a leaked video mock-up of the new device is to be believed.

Gizmodo has revealed details of the previously-rumoured project from deep in the heart of Microsoft's development labs, which shows a device that's apparently in the 'late prototyping' stage, although we don't have a date for release yet.

The new UI shows two screens and a multi-touch finger / stylus combination interface, meaning you can use it like a normal notebook to start projects and the like.

Microsoft courier

It's a fusion of the Microsoft's project-based applications and the experiences learnt from the Surface and Zune HD interfaces, with the ability to drag items from the left screen to the right for interaction.


For instance, the (animated) demo video shows a Courier user pulling a contacts name out of the list on the left and dropping it on the map to find out where their offices are.

There's a 3MP camera on the back, as well as a simple home button in the middle for more detailed interaction, and the hinge also works as a 'pocket' for storing applications and information.

Gizmodo claims the "Courier appears to be at a stage where Microsoft is developing the user experience and showing design concepts to outside agencies."

However, it's unlikely to be seen for a while yet, with conservative estimates putting it a year away at the least.

If you want to know more (and let's face it, we think you might) head on over to the Gizmodo page, where there's a two minute video as well as a larger gallery of Microsoft's possibly game-changing touch device, or just click the YouTube video below: