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Spy software for jailbroken iPads appears

iPad - beware bosses offering jailbroken gifts
iPad - beware bosses offering jailbroken gifts

Software which will hide in the background and record both email and website visits, has been launched for the Apple iPad – although the rather sinister-sounding Mobile Spy will only work on jailbroken units.

Billed as a way to keep an eye on your employees or children, Mobile Spy works in what makers Retina-X Studios describe as 'total stealth mode', with no mentions of the program running made when the iPad is used.

This means that people's web history and emails are laid bare to inspection by the person that holds the account.

Of course, something like this would be highly unlikely to make it through the Apple vetting process, so only those of you with using jailbroken iPads need worry.

Silently uploaded to account holder

"Immediately after activities are logged, they are silently uploaded to the user's private online account, adds the press release for the product," explains the release.

"If no internet connection is present, the logs will resume upload at the next internet connection. Accounts can be checked online from any web browser without needing further access to the iPad."

Make your own judgements, we certainly have.

Patrick Goss

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