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iTunes cloud streaming coming before Google?

iTunes cloud storage ready for the off?

Apple has finished work on its heavily-rumoured iTunes cloud music storage service and will beat Google Music out of the gate, according to sources close to both companies.

The service is set to allow subscribers to upload and store their music on Apple's servers for access through connected devices, much like the recently outed Amazon cloud-drive.

The report, which Reuters claims as an exclusive, claims that although Apple has completed the project, it is yet to get the backing of its music label partners, who also haven't been told when it will launch.

News that the service is scheduled to be a cloud storage service may disappoint folks hoping for an all-you-can eat service like Spotifty, with unlimited music for a set monthly fee.

Google Music delay

Reuters' sources have also revealed that the launch of its own long-awaited cloud music service might be a little while away still.

Word coming out of Silicon Valley is that the hold-up is being caused by Google executives flip-flopping on what the service will actually provide.

Recent reports have suggested that the company wants to make Google Music like iTunes - a store to purchase tunes - whereas more stories suggest the company is exploring subscription services.

The wait continues.

Source: Reuters