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iTunes 8.1 update boasts Genius for video

Apple anounces iTunes 8.1
Apple anounces iTunes 8.1

After Apple announced its smaller-than-an-AA-battery iPod Shuffle yesterday, it was inevitable that iTunes was due for an upgrade. Enter stage left iTunes 8.1.

Although there's no ground-breaking changes, Apple has made some significant tweaks to its Genius recommendation engine.

Now, instead of just being able to use the Genius sidebar as a tool to recommend songs "that go great together", it can also be used to create movie and video playlists too.

iTunes DJ

Other new features include the ability to autofill any iPod (including manually managed ones) with your music collection; import your CDs as higher quality, 256-Kbps, iTunes Plus files; and Apple promises speedier syncing and loading of large music libraries.

There's also a bit of social networking going on. Possibly as a response to Spotify's 'share your playlist' option, Apple has unveiled iTunes DJ, which allows friends to request songs.

Apple is hoping that its latest update has "new features that will make iTunes 8 your favourite iTunes yet". Find out for yourself, by logging on to and downloading it.