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Mercedes set to compete with Tesla by offering more than six electric car models

Merc - looking ahead
Merc - looking ahead

The maker of Mercedes Benz cars, Daimler, are ready to roll out six or more electric car models as they look to take on the likes of German rival Audi and Tesla.

Sources have told Reuters that the car giant could be looking to launch as many as nine electric cars into market, following the July announcement that it had ramped up its development in this area.

It's a further sign that the growth of Tesla, a company that has achieved prominence in the automotive industry by its leadership in electric in less than a decade, is a growing concern for the traditional giants.

Couple of years

The six to nine new versions are expected to arrive in the market between 2018 and 2024, and will build on the great strides taken by the company in semi-autonomous functionality and high-tech interiors.

Interestingly, there was also the suggestion that we could soon see a Merc hybrid that runs on batteries and also electricity generated by hydrogen fuel cells.

The rise and rise of electric and hybrid cars has shown no sign of abating, so it's not a real surprise that every major car manufacturer is now getting involved in the burgeoning market.

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