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Pro-Ject's latest turntable is a Genie

Turntable, arm and cartridge all for just £125

Czech turntable specialist Pro-Ject, credited with revitalising the vinyl market in the UK, has launched a new £125 turntable brimming with technology.

The new RPM1 Genie heralds from Pro-Ject's RPM range of 'skeletal' turntables and is said to offer "key features usually found only on significantly more expensive models".

Turntable: nuts and bolts

Two key design aspects of the new turntable include the peripheral drive system, which should improve speed stability, and the quiet-running synchronous-drive motor, which is isolated on its own base. It is, therefore, completely decoupled from the deck's plinth. The motor is fitted with a two-step pulley, giving the choice of 33 and 45 rpm speeds.

Despite the low price, the RPM1 Genie comes complete with a fully adjustable, 8.6-inch S-shaped tone arm made from aluminium with high-purity silver-plated copper internal wiring, plus an Ortofon OM3e cartridge.

Pro-Ject has even considered users' warped vinyl when designing the RPM1 Genie by 'eccentrically' mounting the counterweight to reduce the cantilever forces and dynamic 'wow' (irregularities in pitch) when playing warped records. The deck boasts a substantial machined MDF platter with a felt mat, and is available in a matt black finish.