How to download and install the IPVanish Android app

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So you’ve heard great things about IPVanish and decided to give it a shot. You’ve bought yourself a subscription and now you want to take advantage of it on your Android phone or tablet. That’s easy. Just follow these simple steps and you won’t have any problems.

There are two ways of doing this. One option is to download the app from Google Play store. The other is to download it directly from IPVanish’s website.

Option #1 - Google Play

Google play store

1. Go to Google Play Store

Locate and open Play Store on your mobile device.

Play Store search

2. Search for IPVanish

In the Play Store, type IPVanish in the search bar and select the ‘IPVanish VPN’ result.

Play Store install

3. Install the app

Tap the green Install button.

Open the app

4. Open the app

After the app has finished installing, tap Open.

5. And that’s it.

The IPVanish app is installed and you can now begin using it on your Android device!

Option #2 - IPVanish website

Unknown sources on

1. Turn on installation from unknown sources

Before you begin, you will need to allow IPVanish to access your device so you could install the service. This is done by going to your device’s Settings > Security > Unknown sources and turning the option on.

Unknown sources warning

2. Confirm

Upon turning it on, a pop-up will request your confirmation, warning you of risks of installing from unknown sources. Tap OK.

Mobile home page

3. Go to the website

Open your favorite browser and navigate to the IPvanish website.

Mobile downloads

4. Go to the downloads section

Tap the hamburger button (three horizontal lines) in the top right corner of the webpage. In the drop-down menu, tap Apps. This will take you to the downloads page.

Download now

5. Tap ‘Download Now’

Tap the orange Download Now button to go to the Android download page (the system automatically recognizes your Android device).

APK download

6. Download the .apk file

Now you will see a button that says Android App on Google Play. Below it, there is an orange button that says Direct APK Download. Tap the orange button.

APK download complete

7. Open the .apk file

When the download has finished, tap the corresponding message in the status bar confirming the completion of your download.

APK install

8. Install the app

The installation process will begin once you tap Install on the bottom of the prompt asking you if you want to install the application.

Open the app

9. Open the app

After you see a message confirming that your IPVanish application has installed, just tap Open.

mobile login

10. That’s it!

This will launch the IPVanish app on your Android device.

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