How to check your Uber rating

Uber doesn’t just let you rate your driver - the drivers also rate you. If you get a bad rating, it may stop you from being able to get a taxi ride when you most need it.

That's why it's good to check your Uber rating and make sure you can keep using the app easily without getting denied rides in the future.

Uber has recently changed how you can check your rating and the good news is it's now much easier to do. Uber initially limited checking your rating to a service available over email, then it was included in the app but hidden away, and now it's quite clear when you're signed in.

How to check your Uber rating 

Whether you're using the Uber app on Android or iOS, the process to check your Uber rating is the same.

The first step is to open the app on your phone and ensure you're signed in with the account you want to check.

When it's loaded, you'll want to enter the main Uber menu. There are three horizontal lines in the top left corner and tapping these will open up the main menu of the app.

Underneath your name you'll see your Uber score. It should be a number out of five with a star sat next to it - if you're unhappy with your rating, that's something you'll have to sort out in the future.

Another way to check your Uber rating

If you don't find the method above works for you, you're also able to check your rating on the official Uber website.

Head to this link here and you'll be able to sign in to Uber's website, where you can press 'Submit' at the bottom of the page and it will instantly display your Uber rating.

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