TechRadar Gaming’s most anticipated games of 2024

Lt. Titus, a map from Pacific Drive and a samurai from Rise of the Ronin spliced behind a picture of Aerith from Final Fantasy
(Image credit: Saber Interactive / Square Enix / Sony / Ironwood Studios)

As we celebrate another trip around the sun, we at TechRadar Gaming have begun to look forward to 2024. If our star-studded 2023 Game of the Year list is anything to go by, last year will be a tough act to follow when it comes to new releases. However, with plenty of triple-A blockbusters and intriguing indie offerings on the horizon, it looks like 2024 won’t be leaving us in the lurch. 

Though the unnerving trend of layoffs cast a shadow over 2023’s successes, the year brought us a huge number of truly impressive titles. Larian Studios’ vibrant Baldur’s Gate 3 took us on an unforgettable fantasy adventure, while The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom brought us puzzles and exploration galore. The Resident Evil 4 remake and Alan Wake 2 gave us plenty of frights, too. However you slice it, this year’s upcoming games follow in the footsteps of giants.

That said, 2024 already looks as though it has plenty of tricks up its sleeve. While the likes of open-world sci-fi blockbuster Star Wars Outlaws and the cinematic scale of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth are already drumming up plenty of hype, TRG’s video game experts have identified plenty more titles that are well worth a look. From indie darlings to triple-A spectacles, read on to see our team’s most anticipated games of 2024. 


The main characters sit around a fire in Dustborn

(Image credit: Red Thread Games)

Dustborn is the stylish queer road trip of my dreams. Set in an alternate history America, this single-player, story-heavy action-adventure game looks as though it’ll confront more than a few compelling themes. The premise is pretty out there. You play as a con artist with the supernatural power to weaponize language as they travel across North America to deliver a package. You’ll have to manage relationships with your travel buddies, build your crew, and stay one step ahead of Justice, an authoritarian organization that runs the American Republic. Did I also mention that you’re also in a punk-rock band? There’s that, too.    

A huge amount is going on in Dustborn. It’s bold, ambitious, and looks ready to commit to the premise. Red Thread Games’ latest boasts a stunning art style, too, drawing the eye with its comic book aesthetic and larger-than-life visuals. I can’t wait to meet Dustborn’s characters and learn about its compelling setting.

- Cat Bussell, Staff Writer, TechRadar Gaming

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth 

Tifa, Aerith and Yuffie look out the window excitedly while Cloud looks on

(Image credit: Square Enix)

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth isn’t just the next part of the three-part remake of 1997’s classic Final Fantasy 7; it also has the chance to reinvent the legendary role-playing game (RPG). Judging by our preview experience, it looks as though Rebirth is on the right track to do just that. Its predecessor, Final Fantasy 7 Remake, was a great time. However, I always had the impression that the title was hedging its bets, taking only tentative steps to express its own identity. Rebirth, on the other hand, wears its confidence on its sleeve. The visuals are bigger, the spectacles louder, and the combat slicker. 

By departing from the original plot and wholly embracing its action-oriented combat system, Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth feels like it will meaningfully build on Remake, learning from its mistakes and building on its triumphs. Much like last year’s excellent Resident Evil 4 remake, Rebirth is poised to be not just a remake, but a full-on reincarnation.

- Cat Bussell, Staff Writer

Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine 2

Captain Titus advances through a ruined city as a bell collapses

(Image credit: Saber Interactive)

We’re long overdue a bombastic action game set in the Warhammer 40,000 (40k) universe, and Space Marine 2 looks like it’ll scratch that itch with a huge, bloody bang. Following in the first game’s footsteps places you into the power-armored boots of Captain Titus of the superhuman Space Marines. Having previously faced down thousands of Orks and the forces of Chaos, it is now the turn of the Tyranid horde to meet Titus’ wrath, being dispatched up close and personal with a chainsaw or from a distance with heavy bolters and plasma cannons. 

Utilizing Saber Interactive’s swarm tech (as seen in the A Plague Tale series) for the Tyranids is a genius move, too, ensuring the xenos will behave as one sprawling, seething mass. I can’t wait to mow them down in a fury of self-righteous Boltgun fire, and also up the ante by obliterating them with my buddies in co-op too. It looks like one hell of a blast and a must-play for any fan of any description of the tabletop game and universe.

 - Rob Dwiar, Deputy Editor 

Still Wakes the Deep

A chef prepares a meal in a dimly lit galley

(Image credit: The Chinese Room)

A gripping mystery with supernatural elements, explored in detail at a methodical pace on an isolated oil rig? Count me in. Still Wakes the Deep looks to promise the atmosphere and ambiance we’d expect from a game made by The Chinese Room, with rich world-building and design throughout. I can’t wait to explore every nook and cranny of the spooky North Sea oil rig to find out what happened to my crew.

Combining a supernatural “otherworldy horror” with an already-scary real-life setting of a lonely oil rig will only serve to heighten the tension, while the need to find out the root of what’s happened to the crew will add urgency and panic to the mystery, too. Offering a challenge to logic and reality, Still Wakes The Deep has caught my eye as one of 2024’s most interesting games, with a deeply intriguing setting and premise. I'm ready for this unsettling game to keep me up at night.

 - Rob Dwiar, Deputy Editor 

Lost Records: Bloom & Rage

Lost Records: Bloom & Rage

(Image credit: Don't Nod)

Thanks to the perfect blend of its nostalgic atmosphere and gripping storytelling, Life is Strange is still one of my favorite series of all time, and I’m always eager to jump into anything that looks like it’s going to have the same vibes. Lost Records: Bloom & Rage is an upcoming narrative game from Don’t Nod, the studio behind Life is Strange, and Life is Strange 2, and it’s being worked on by a lot of the same team.

A story-driven adventure that explores the aftermath of what appears to be some kind of supernatural event that separated a group of friends in 1995, it looks like a real spiritual successor that’s set to focus on the types of intimate, interpersonal relationships that made Life is Strange so groundbreaking in its day.

Judging by the recent trailers, it’s also absolutely gorgeous to look at, with bright colors, eye-catching character designs, and plenty of 90s charm. Although there’s no firm release date yet, it has been confirmed for a ‘late 2024’ release window, so I’m already feeling that the end of the year can’t come soon enough.

- Dashiell Wood, Hardware Writer

On Your Tail

Detective Diana speaks to a local

(Image credit: Humble Games)

I’m a sucker for a good detective game, and On Your Tail ticks all of the boxes for a winner. Set in a picturesque town on the coast of Italy, it features a fully open world and a handful of life-sim elements in addition to its central story. Nothing beats getting fully immersed in a world when you’re solving a case, so I’m really excited to see what kind of activities might be in store in its beautiful winding streets.

Oh, and did I mention that everybody is an anthropomorphic animal? The art style here is certainly unique, but it has its charm, and with the game set to release as a timed Nintendo Switch console exclusive, the cozy atmosphere seems like the perfect fit for the hardware.

- Dashiell Wood, Hardware Writer

Metaphor: ReFantazio 

Metaphor ReFantazio protagonist runs around a fantasy city

(Image credit: Getty Images)

When a game’s menu design is pretty enough to make you hyped, it’s generally a good sign that you’re in for a ride. At least, that’s how it goes with Atlus games. The studio’s upcoming role-playing game, Metaphor: ReFantazio, which is being developed by the creators of Persona 3, 4, and 5, is looking incredibly promising for anyone craving something similar to the Persona series with a fantasy twist.

With an “evolution of the realistic day-by-day journey of the Persona series,” and a bond system to grow closer with the characters, it’s clear that many of the mechanics Persona fans know and love will be present and accounted for. However, it’s the setting and story that intrigue me most - set in The United Kingdom of Euchronia, the plot will see the king assassinated, a curse placed upon a prince, and people (including the protagonist) participating in a tournament for the throne. All of that, brought together by a stunning art style, and what sounds like a gorgeous soundtrack? Sign me up. 

- Catherine Lewis, News Writer

Rise of the Ronin

A Ronin shoots their enemy on a darkened battlefield

(Image credit: Team NINJA)

I’ll be honest - sometimes, open-world games seriously intimidate me. Being dropped into a vast expanse of space where you can go anywhere you want and do whatever you please is an awe-inspiring feature for a game to offer, but that freedom of choice sometimes leaves me frozen and overwhelmed, not knowing what to tackle first. However, I can already tell that won’t be an issue in Rise of the Ronin, as I can’t wait to dive into 19th-century Japan and allow myself to become fully immersed in its beautiful locations.

Developed by Team Ninja, Rise of the Ronin will allow players to explore Kyoto, Yokohama, and Edo (the historical name of Tokyo) in an action-driven role-playing game. Combat appears to be fast-paced, and the story will be shaped by choices players make along their journey. There’s a lot on offer, and, with the game’s official descriptions putting a focus on authenticity, I’m excited to see how it all comes together.

- Catherine Lewis, News Writer

Tiny Glade

A medieval castle stands on a hill in Tiny Glade

(Image credit: Pounce Light)

I’m a sucker for a cozy game, and Tiny Glade has been on my radar since its first announcement, way back when. I love gridless building games, and pairing this with castles stripped straight from a fantasy novel ticks every box of my preferences, so it’s not really surprising that this game is one of my most anticipated of 2024. 

The lack of management and combat is equally as appealing and given just how many heavy hitters this year is set to receive, like Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth and Tekken 8, I think I’m ready to welcome the relaxation with open arms. Plus, you can pet the little sheep wandering around the map while you build and shift around the terrain - what is not to love?

- Kara Phillips, Evergreen Writer

Little Nightmares 3

Low and Alone stood in the light in Little Nightmares 3

(Image credit: Supermassive Games)

After completing Little Nightmares 2 in a single sitting the day it was released in 2021, I knew that Little Nightmares 3 was going to get the same treatment the second it was teased. This twisted adventure horror has captivated me since its first title, and even though it's the first game in the series to stray from the story of protagonist Six, I’m excited to see which direction the narrative and entirely new setting take. 

We haven’t seen a huge amount of content for the third game either, which is one of the reasons I am so excited about it. There’s a lot to expect, but also going in with no idea of what really to expect is the fun of a good horror game. Little Nightmares knows precisely how to play on your mind, and even with the game yet to come out, it’s one of the only things I can think about.  

- Kara Phillips, Evergreen Writer

Pacific Drive

First-person pov driving the car

(Image credit: Kepler Interactive)

Driving around in an old station wagon isn’t what I’d usually describe as my ideal game, but Pacific Drive will hopefully change this. This supernatural adventure looks to switch up the usual formula of the best survival games by adding new risks as your vehicle quickly becomes your only mode of escape. 

There’s also a lot to love about the crafting mechanics. Even if you’ve never touched a car before or even heard of a bumper, fixing up your station wagon should be pretty simple, thanks to the detailed directions. I can’t wait to properly customize an all-terrain tank that can face up against even the most dire of situations.

With this sci-fi adventure game’s release date being just around the corner (February 22), and, after such an incredible preview, I can say that I’m on the edge of my seat, waiting with anticipation to see what else lies deep in the mysterious and apocalyptic Olympic Exclusion Zone.  

- Elie Gould, Staff Writer

Stalker 2: Heart of Chernobyl  

Landscape screenshot from Stalker 2 Heart of Chornobyl

(Image credit: GSC)

I’m a sucker for a good post-apocalyptic first-person shooter, and so far, it looks like Stalker 2: Heart of Chernobyl will have everything I could ever need, especially after our Gamescom 2023 preview of Stalker 2 highlighted the game's sense of place. 

After a second massive explosion at the nuclear power plant of Chernobyl, the Exclusion Zone has changed massively, hosting hordes of strange anomalies, killer mutants, and aggressive factions. While this may not sound like the best way to relax to most people, I can’t wait to get stuck in and traverse the toxic and unforgiving landscape - please don’t read into that. 

Despite this survival FPS game getting pushed back to a September release date, my excitement hasn’t been quelled. Exploring forgotten derelict locations while fighting off hordes of horrifying monsters seems like the best way to round off 2024. 

- Elie Gould, Staff Writer

Dragon’s Dogma 2 

A lion-man clad in plate armor looks stoic

(Image credit: Capcom)

The original Dragon’s Dogma (or, more accurately, its Dark Arisen version from 2013) is among my favorite games of all time. Its high fantasy setting, open-ended exploration, and quest design, as well as its thrilling combat and classes, make for a game that I frequently revisit, at least once a year.

But now that the sequel, Dragon’s Dogma 2, is finally on the horizon with a March 2024 launch, I’m chomping at the bit to discover how Capcom and the Hideaki Itsuno-led development team has improved and built upon the original’s moreish formula.

We already know to expect encounters against towering new foes, and the return of the innovative Pawn system that lets players bring a party of chatty NPCs to aid them in their quest. My main hope with Dragon’s Dogma 2 is that the team keeps that feeling of immersive exploration and unpredictability intact while improving upon some of the more frustrating elements of that original game. 

- Rhys Wood, Hardware Editor 

A colorful group of protagonists walks into a new town

(Image credit: Cygames, Inc.)

Having been recently introduced to Cygames’ Granblue franchise via the original mobile game and the excellent Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising (which ranks in our list of the best fighting games), I’m thrilled that the long-awaited action RPG Granblue Fantasy: Relink is now just a couple of weeks away.

I recently came away from the game’s PS5 demo with extremely positive impressions; I’m a huge fan of its extensive roster of playable characters, as well as a super-tight combat system that plays like a souped-up version of Dynasty Warriors’ modular hack n’ slash combo-based battling. The visuals are gorgeous, too, translating the painterly look of the mobile game into three dimensions very convincingly.

While I’m looking forward to diving into Granblue Fantasy: Relink’s story mode, it’s the individual Hunts that I’m especially excited about. In the demo, these thrust players into missions involving dispatching groups of enemies or towering bosses, all with a team of characters of the player’s choosing. Playing through hunts to find out which characters synergize well with one another is something I’m particularly interested in. Either that, or I’ll just be playing as Zooey and Eustace the entire time. 

- Rhys Wood, Hardware Editor 

Helldivers 2

Over the shoulder shot of gunfire in Helldivers 2

(Image credit: Arrowhead Game Studios)

I've been a fan of Arrowhead Studios games ever since I first accidentally blew up three of my closest friends in a spellslinging accident in Magicka. I did the same again in Magicka 2, partially on purpose, and then was equal parts conquering hero and deliberate nuisance in Helldivers

Now, they're bringing Helldivers 2 into three dimensions, and I cannot wait to scare a whole new generation of my friends away from playing games with me due to my mischievous spirit and devil-may-care attitude when it comes to friendly fire.

Still, it's always been my opinion that that sort of carnage is precisely what the Arrowhead Studios team want, and I'm confident that Helldivers 2 will channel that carnage, and make me fall in love all over again. This time, however, it'll feature an over-the-shoulder camera, offering a whole new perspective on the flailing corpses of my friends after I accidentally drop a mech on them, burn them with a flamethrower, or set off an explosive device leaving a trail of chaos in its wake.

- Jake Tucker, Editor-in-Chief 

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