Old-school platformer Freedom Planet 2 launches on consoles this April

A Freedom Planet 2 screenshot.
(Image credit: Xseed Games)

Publisher Xseed Games has confirmed that the retro-inspired platformer Freedom Planet 2 is coming to consoles later this year.

Releasing on April 4, 2024 for Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, it looks like it’s going to be a real treat for anyone eager to relive the magic of classic Sega Genesis games.

Originally released for PC back in September 2022, Freedom Planet 2 is a fast-paced platformer with adorable 16-bit visuals. Set on the distant planet of Avalice, it follows four animal heroes on a journey to defeat an ancient water dragon that has been freed from deep beneath the ocean.

The game’s mechanics draw quite a lot of inspiration from all the best Sonic games, with characters moving quickly around meticulously laid out environments to progress the story or reach a new high score. Still, Freedom Planet 2 offers lots to help set it apart from the Sonic series, including more intricate combat featuring different moves and blocks and a more sci-fi-inspired visual direction.

The console release of the game also comes packed with new features, including a highly requested boss rush mode that allows you to repeat a gauntlet of 17 boss fights to access new rewards. All of these extras will also be added to the PC version free of charge when the console version is released, so existing owners don’t have to worry about missing out.

Xseed Games has also released a new trailer that showcases this new mode, alongside some more general clips that should give any newcomers a good idea of what to expect in the game. You can watch the trailer below:

Freedom Planet 2 is set to cost $24.99 with a 10% discount available to players who pre-order the game on Nintendo Switch or buy it within one week of release on all other platforms.

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