Fortnite - how to deploy a Pizza Party at one of Thorne's Strongholds

Pizza Party item in Fortnite
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Fortnite just added a whole new set of Quests. Piper Pace's Snapshot quests task the player with delivering pizza across the island, as well as collecting car parts, and more. One of the trickier Quests requires you to deploy a Pizza Party at one of Thorne's Strongholds.

First, you'll need to track down a Pizza Party in Fortnite. This can be difficult, but we have some tips to speed things up. Then, you'll need to visit one of the six Thorne Strongholds dotted around the island to deploy the items. Doing this, all while fending off opponents, is quite a tall order. Completing challenges in Battle Royale games is predictably, an absolute nightmare.

Here's where to find a Pizza Party in Fortnite, and then some tips on deploying it at a Thorne Stronghold. Finally, we'll cover what rewards you'll get for completing this Quest. Let's hope it's worth it!

Fortnite Pizza Party location

To find a Pizza Party in Fortnite, you will need to look at Ground Loot, and in Chests. Obviously, the chances of you finding this Epic rarity item are small, so luckily there is a guaranteed location where you can purchase one. 

A player stands next to a Pizza party item

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Head to Slappy Shores, on the Northern side of the map, and speak to Piper Pace. She sells Pizza Party items here. This also happens to be right next to a Thorne Stronghold as well, making this a very quick route for completing the Quest. Be aware that there is a Quest currently associated with speaking to Piper, so there are likely to be players landing nearby at the start of the match.

Piper Pace speaking to a player at Slappy Shores

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How to deploy a Pizza Party at one of Thorne's Strongholds in Fortnite

A map showing the location of Thorne Strongholds in Fortnite

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You'll see the locations of all six Thorne Strongholds in the image above. If you followed the method in the last section, you'll just need to head south to the Slap Factory. If not, we recommend heading to the nearest Thorne Stronghold. Make sure you are a good ways inside the target building - you'll know as there will be NPC enemies around - equip the Pizza Party and press shoot to throw it down. This will complete the Quest. You'll get 25K XP for doing so and will unlock the next Piper Pace Snapshot Quest.

That's everything you need to know about finding a Pizza Party in Fortnite and deploying it at a Thorne Stronghold. For more on the game, be sure to check out our guide on using the new Todoroki's Ice Wall Mythic item. Elsewhere, there's our look at when the current season of Fortnite ends.

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