The Victrix Pro BFG, one of our favorite PS5 controllers, has received a substantial $30 discount at Amazon

Victrix Pro BFG deal
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One of our favorite PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4-compatible controllers, the Victrix Pro BFG, has just received another compelling discount at Amazon US. 

Right now, the special edition Call of Duty-branded Victrix Pro BFG controller is down to $169.99 at the online retailer; that's a significant $30 saving off of the usual $199.99 retail price. While the standard black and white colorways for the PS5 controller have sadly not been discounted, this special edition sports a cool blue camouflage aesthetic emblazoned with Call of Duty iconography.

Today's best Victrix Pro BFG deal

Victrix Pro BFG: $199.99$169.99 at Amazon

Victrix Pro BFG: was $199.99 now $169.99 at Amazon
While it's 10 bucks shy of its record-low price from a few months back, this is still a solid discount for the modular Victrix Pro BFG controller. Featuring (included in the box) swappable modules that allow you to change stick and button layouts, it's a fantastic option for pro-level players who like a high level of customization.

UK price: Amazon - £151.35 (white colorway only)

What makes the Victrix Pro BFG worth owning over Sony's own DualSense Wireless Controller? After all, the Victrix pad lacks that bespoke haptic feedback and adaptive triggers that make the DualSense so good.

Well, the Victrix Pro BFG makes up for this in myriad ways. Chief among these is the gamepad's high degree of modularity. Players are able to swap out modules on the controller, allowing them to opt for both symmetrical and asymmetrical analog stick layouts, as well as change which sides your buttons go on in case you're left-handed.

Furthermore, the controller also ships with a dedicated 'Fight Pad' module, featuring six buttons that make it perfect for use with the best fighting games like Street Fighter 6 or Tekken 8.

In our original review, we awarded the Victrix Pro BFG four out of five stars, praising its modular design and fantastic build quality. The high level of customizability, we feel, is the controller's unique selling point. Though being a third-party device, this does come at the cost of the more bespoke DualSense features which you may miss here. Still, it's a fantastic multiplayer-focused controller that we consider one of the best PS5 controllers. And, thanks to its PC compatibility, one of the best PC controllers, too.

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