iPadOS 17 is finally announced: will your iPad be supported?

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Apple has announced iPadOS 17, the latest version of its tablet operating system, which is coming to iPads later this year and places a big emphasis on customization.

The company has shared a list of devices that can be expected to receive the software when it's ready. As with all iPadOS updates, not all current iPads in use will be making the jump, though most of them will.

If you have an iPad, read on to find out which models will make the cut and which ones won’t – although if you have one of the current best iPads, your device is certain to be supported.

Will my iPad get iPadOS 17?

I have a regular iPad, will it be supported by iPadOS 17?

In the case of the adjectiveless iPad –, that is, the base model – Apple is dropping the fifth-generation model for this update. This means that iPadOS 17 will only be made available to the sixth-generation iPad – the one released in 2016 –  and later devices up to the iPad 10.9 (2022).

Will my iPad mini get iPadOS 17?

I have an iPad mini, will it be supported by iPadOS 17?

All currently supported iPad mini models will get iPadOS 17. This means the iPad minis that received the iPadOS 16 update will also be eligible for iPad OS 17 this year. Apple will roll out the update to iPad mini fifth generation (the 2019 release) and the newer revamped iPad Mini (2021) model.

Will my iPad Air get iPadOS 17?

I have an iPad Air, will it be supported by iPadOS 17?

As with the iPad mini, all iPad Air models that got the iPadOS 16 update are getting iPadOS 17. This means that the iPad Air third generation – the 2019 model, will receive an update to iPadOS 17, along with the 2020 model and the iPad Air (2022) with an M1 processor.

Will my iPad Pro get iPadOS 17?

I have an iPad Pro, will it be supported by iPadOS 17?

Apple will be dropping the first generation iPad Pro 12.9 (2015), with iPadOS 17. As for the iPad Pro, the first-generation iPad Pro 12.9 (2015) fails to make the cut for iPadOS 17, with Apple making the update available to 12.9-inch iPad Pros from the second generation and newer. The iPad Pro 10.5 and iPad Pro 11 models will all get iPadOS 17 when it’s released.

As with its other iPad lines, Apple is cutting off devices that are nearly a decade old – it’s a testament to Apple’s long support periods that a 2015 device was even in the conversation.

The most recent iPad Pros are the iPad Pro 11 (2022) and the iPad Pro 12.9 (2022), both of which are set to benefit the most from this update.

The 2017 iPad Pro

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What if my iPad isn't supported by iPadOS 17?

All good things must come to an end, and even Apple's extensive support for iPads isn't indefinite. While updating to a new iPad is the only way to remain fully supported, you can likely use an older iPad for quite a bit longer. 

Most apps and games should still work in the near future, and updates should still roll out to patch urgent security issues. In January 2023, Apple patched the currently unsupported iPad Air 2, iPad mini 2, and iPad mini 3 among others. Some of these devices had been out of support for about 3 years as of then.

At the same time, it would be best to limit all use of an unsupported iPad to non-critical things. It would be worth considering keeping your banking apps or work email on a supported device.

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