I asked AI to make an iPhone 14 render, and it's as weird as you'd imagine

An AI-generated render of the iPhone 14 Pro
(Image credit: DALL-E)

If you've spent much time on the internet recently, you may have noticed the popularity of the DALL-E mini AI model which renders images based on any prompt you give it: think anything from 'alien cat from another planet' to 'Spider-Man in a go-kart'. 

Such a futuristic art generation tool is great fun to use, but as a member of TechRadar's phone team, I decided on another use for it. With the iPhone 14 on its way, lots of leakers, both big and small, are trying to get clout by throwing out wild predictions and 'leaks'.

So if humans can make up any random image they want, why can't an AI? With that in mind, I decided to ask DALL-E mini what the iPhone 14 will look like.

The iPhone 14 render

iPhone 14 render

(Image credit: DALL-E)

Wow, that's quite a bold image from the DALL-E AI - it throws out lots of the biggest leaks we've seen so far.

We're expecting the iPhone 14 to be a lot like its predecessor according to leaks, but this image shows three rear cameras, one up from the iPhone 13. Not only that, but the screen looks massive, even though we didn't expect the iPhone 14 to be big.

That's an interesting camera bump too - apparently Apple will eschew the square shape it's used for the past few generations of iPhone, and will instead use a Dali-esque blur.

That's a nice shade of gold though.

In the interests of fairness we also decided to run the iPhone 14 Pro through the AI matrix:

iPhone 14 Pro render

(Image credit: DALL-E)

The back of the phone looks pretty similar, but bigger - but the front is whacky. Is that a massive semi-circular bezel? Complete with the Apple logo? Taking up most of the display size? Interesting design choice there...

You can also see a bit of the bezel - take that, leakers who thought the device would use a punch-hole camera.

Take iPhone 14 information with a pinch of salt

Now, these images aren't actually of the iPhone 14 (obviously). Instead, the AI system has seen that I'm looking for images of iPhones, and done its own artistic representation of other such devices online. It's about as accurate to the iPhone 14 as a completely random guess would be.

But then again, is it really any less reliable than half the other leaks and rumors out there?

Due to the big profile of the iPhone 14, loads of different leakers and rumor-mongers are throwing out predictions left, right and center, in the hopes of getting featured in news articles, and gaining even more clout if they just so happen to be right.

A few big personalities have made names for themselves with their constant iPhone rumors, despite mixed track records. Every year we also see prolific leakers who people start to trust - until the actual iPhone launch proves them totally wrong. Then, next year, different names pop up and the circle starts all over again. 

Don't get us wrong - there are certainly some reliable leakers out there, and we do report on rumors when it comes from a trustworthy source. But lots of the renders we see circulating online are no more reliable than our AI-generated ones above.

Tom Bedford

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