The best Ring Fit Adventure deals in July 2024

Ring Fit Adventure deals, sales, and prices
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Ring Fit Adventure deals are more common today and there are regular price cuts on Nintendo's inventive home exercise game. At least we're way past the struggles of finding it in stock during the height of lockdown, which means there's often at least a small saving at some retailers. You can find the latest offers right here.

For those who remember when Wii Fit turned your Nintendo Wii console into a personal trainer, Ring Fit Adventure offers a similar premise. The twist this time, though, is that it will turn your Nintendo Switch into an everyday gym session by gamifying your workout. And if you don't have a console, some of the best Nintendo Switch bundles available regularly have Ring Fit Adventure included for free.

The best Ring Fit Adventure deals

The standard price for Ring Fit Adventure is $79 / £64.99 / AU$125 so make sure you don't pay above that for the game and hardware together. Thankfully, we have seen some Ring Fit Adventure deals that drop the price down to $69 / £49 in the past, with Amazon leading the way on these savings. 

How does Ring Fit Adventure work?

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Ring Fit Adventure uses your physical movements to progress through a lush game world, attack enemies, restore health and eventually defeat an evil bodybuilding dragon, all through simple exercises completed through the peripheral hardware. Plus, you can use the Ring-Con without your Nintendo Switch present to get some exercises in before syncing your progress with the game later.

You simply slot your Joy-Con into the brand-new Ring-Con and Leg-Strap accessories that then track your real-world actions and transform them into your onscreen protagonist's movements or attacks. Before long, your stretches, planks and other exercises will help progress your quest across a surprisingly in-depth RPG world full of lands to explore and monsters to fight.

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