Need superfast NBN? This Superloop NBN 250 deal is the only one worth getting

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Superloop has some of the best NBN plans on offer, especially if you want lightning-fast speeds. The provider is currently offering a big discount on its NBN 250 plan which will save you AU$84 over six months, making it a great time to upgrade your plan.

Superloop’s NBN 250 plan usually costs AU$99 each billing, but it’s been reduced to AU$85 a month for your first six months. The average cost of the NBN 250 plans we monitor comes to AU$117 a month, so Superloop’s pricing is very competitive even after the intro offer has expired. For this reason, we rate it as the best NBN 250 plan you can get.

It’s not just the provider’s 250Mbps plan that’s worth checking out, as Superloop is also offering its top-notch NBN 1000 plan for AU$99 for your first six months. After your first half-year, the price will increase to AU$109 each billing, which again is significantly below the average cost of AU$140 for plans of this calibre.

Superloop’s NBN 250 and NBN 1000 plans

The price of Superloop’s fastest NBN plans is a big factor in why we recommend them so strongly, but it’s also their performance that makes them worth your while. The provider reports a typical evening speed of 240Mbps on its NBN 250 plan, which puts it on par with bigger players like Optus, but a much cheaper price.

Similarly, its NBN 1000 plan boasts a mammoth typical evening speed of 600Mbps, matching what’s on offer from Optus and Aussie Broadband. With its combination of speed and price, Superloop easily gets our vote for the best NBN 1000 plan currently available.

While Superloop doesn’t have some of the benefits of Optus, such as a modem with 4G backup, it does come with attractive perks of its own. Superloop’s NBN 250 plan includes a feature called Speed Boost, which allows you to push your internet speed up to the next available tier – in this case NBN 1000 – for five days each month. If you need to download large files like games, it's an excellent feature to have.

Want to see what else is available in the NBN 250 tier? Here’s an overview:

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