LG to launch new smart monitors that can open documents without a PC —but shame they’re not 4K

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New details have emerged of two so-called smart monitors from LG that will go on sale on September 29 in Japan; the larger of the two is the 31.5-inch 32SR50F-W which is a variant of the 32SQ730S-W and the 32SQ780S-W.

Like its predecessors, it integrates a full fledged operating system (LG’s proprietary WebOS) that allows it to view and edit document files (Powerpoint, Excel etc) without the need to connect to another computer. Use cases include the ability to remote connect to Windows 365, Chrome Remote Desktop and Azure Virtual.

In essence, this is a business PC replacement or a thin client without the price tag, great if businesses want their employees to work from home and remotely access virtual desktops. Shame though that LG decided to opt for a full HD resolution rather than 4K. The current Ultra HD model sells for around $400.

We don’t know yet whether the monitor will be available with a height-adjustable Ergo Stand - which allows the display to be positioned close to the edge of a desk (check it in action in our review of the LG DualUp monitor) - or if it will offer PIP or KVM features.

What we do know though is that there will be a smaller 27-inch version and both have a new stand with a hole in it for better cable management. Pictures also show a USB hub with four ports while a video of the two monitors reveal a remote control, a VESA mount, Bluetooth capabilities, IPS technology and a pair of 5W speakers.

Previous models include HDMI in and out as well as a LAN port. No built-in webcam though and that’s a bit of a bummer which would have transformed it into a potent all-in-one (AIO) PC. LG claims that the previous models sold very well which may explain why the company decided to introduce new models with a lower entry point.

For those looking for a much bigger experience (albeit at a higher price point), LG has the 43SQ700S-W which is a 43-inch 4K monitor with more connections, 65W power delivery (great to charge your laptop), better sound but no VESA mounts.

Archrival Samsung also unveiled its own smart monitor, the M8, last year. Like its LG counterpart, we found that it promised basically to do everything.

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