The best HDR TVs in India


While we don’t see too many major technological innovations in the television industry these days, High Dynamic Range (HDR) has been one of the more important additions lately. This technology actually visibly enhances picture quality on televisions. It produces deeper blacks and whiter whites, resulting in high contrast ratio.

But, HDR TVs are quite expensive, and cater to a niche market right now. Yet, if you're part of that market, here's what you should be buying.

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Best HDR TVs in India

Sony Bravia A1 OLED

Sony had announced the Bravia A1 OLED during the Consumer Electronics Show last year, and it was the first Sony TV with OLED technology. The Bravia A1 OLED comes with a new X1 Extreme Image processor that brings features like super bit mapping 4K HDR and object-based HDR remaster.

Thanks to the use of OLED technology, Sony could manage to keep the frame of the TV thin. Additionally, the Bravia A1 OLED also comes with Acoustic Surface Technology to keep its thin profile.

Sony Bravia A1E

Excellent picture quality
Good audio quality
Premium design


The LG C7 OLED won accolades from everyone as one of the best TVs in 2017. It is a smart TV that runs on the company’s webOS platform. 

Besides the software niceties, the LG C7 OLED also offers a minimal design, that can fit in small home entertainment setups as well, thanks to the narrow stand.


Good picture quality
Premium design
Not very loud

Samsung QLED Q8C

Featuring a curved form factor, a slim and metallic frame, and a similarly curved stand, the Samsung QLED Q8C is a classy 4K HDR TV that comes in three sizes – 55-inch, 65-inch and 75-inch.

Powered by Tizen OS, the QLED Q8C smart TV features Samsung’s new QLED technology – Samsung's Quantum Dots technology allows 1000 nits brightness on this TV and very vibrant colours.

Samsung QLED Q8C

Bright, vibrant colours
Attractive curved design
Loud, but not great audio quality
Colours are oversaturated

Sony Z9D

Sony’s second entry in this list, the Z9D is a high-end 4K HDR TV that offers a better value for your money in this segment. While it does not come with a curve, the Son Z9D features a classy, minimalist design that would fit in with any home theatre setup.

At the time of its launch, the Sony Z9D was one of the best new 4K HDR TVs, and sure enough, it can still rival the best in the market, even Sony’s own Bravia A1 OLED.

Sony Bravia Z9D

500 dimming zones
Excellent contrast ratio

TCL 65-inch Android TV

The first Android TV option in this list, the TCL 65-inch Android TV is an affordable option with support for 4K and HDR. It is powered by a quad-core chipset and comes with 2.5GB RAM, this TCL TV runs on Android 6.0 Marshmallow and can run supported Android TV apps.

The TCL 65-inch Android TV also comes with Harman/Kardon speakers, DTS Premium and Dolby Digital sound technology for an enhanced audio experience.

TCL 65-inch Android TV

Cheaper than competition
Good picture quality
AndroidTV needs better app support