The 2018 Australian PC Awards - The Winners

In a mighty triumph of democratised consumer electronics, you, the people, have spoken. Your excellent opinions, vast experience of using things and liking them – or not – has come together for the very first (of many!) annual Australian PC Awards.

For your time, we thank you.

For your opinions, we respect you. And, so does the PC industry, which, each year, makes new and improved gear, innovating all the way, to win your hearts and dollars. They listen to you, and via these awards, will take enormous pride in their wins.

Thank you too, to the many sponsors that helped us get this off the ground, and to the many people behind the scenes at Nextmedia that worked hard to pull this together.

There was a huge turnout for the voting, with many thousands of people having a say. It was quite humbling for us to see how you embraced this.

The ultimate goal, of course is to reward those that make great gear with an acknowledgement of a job well done. This extends throughout all levels of the product chain, from the engineers and R&D people that create products, the people that actually build the gear, the channel and resellers that bring the gear to you, and the support staff that make sure all is as you expect.

We've included the scintillating video presentation that accompanied the awards ceremony below, and you can click on to the next page to view each category's winner and the runner's up.