Spotify Wrapped 2023 not showing up? Try these 3 fixes to help you find it

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The Spotify Wrapped 2023 roundup is now finally rolling out globally. But what if the feature is stubbornly refusing to show up in your Spotify app on iOS or Android, or on desktop? Luckily there are a few things you can try.

Spotify has admitted that its Wrapped has experienced some issues this year, posting in its forums that it's received reports that the feature "is not loading across multiple platforms". Spotify says it's investigating, but this is likely why Wrapped 2023 is returning various errors including 'internal server error', 'no healthy upstream' or the page below.

A laptop screen on an orange background showing a Spotify Wrapped 2023 error page

For many, the desktop, browser-based version of Spotify Wrapped is showing the error message above, so you may have more joy in the mobile app. (Image credit: Future)

It's possible that Spotify's servers have simply keeled over from the demand and that these issues will resolve in the coming hours. We've asked Spotify for an update and will update this page when we hear back.

If your Wrapped 2023 issues aren't caused by these server issues, then there are a few other things you can try to get the roundup to show on mobile and desktop. Before we go into those below, it's worth noting that Wrapped isn't available in all regions due to local data privacy laws, even in countries where it's previously been available. Last year, for example, Spotify users in Sri Lanka and Ghana discovered that it wasn't available for them.

You also need to have listened to Spotify for a certain amount of time to qualify for the Wrapped roundup, although this won't be an issue for most. With a free or Premium account, you need to have streamed at least 30 tracks for over 30 seconds each, from five unique artists.

But assuming none of those things are an issue for you, here are the best ways to get the Spotify Wrapped 2023 to show up if the app isn't showing you its usual banner or card.

1. Update the Spotify app

An iPhone on an orange background showing the Spotify app being updated

On iPhone, you need to be on version 8.8.92 of the Spotify app to be able to see your Wrapped 2023 roundup. (Image credit: Future)

A fairly obvious one, but not having the latest version of the Spotify app is a common reason for Wrapped roundups not displaying. Go to the the App Store (on iOS) or Play Store (on Android) and make sure there's no app update waiting for you. 

On iOS you need app version 8.8.92 to see Spotify Wrapped, while on Android version of the app has given us the roundup.

If you're all up to date and Wrapped still isn't showing, it's worth trying a more nuclear option – deleting the app and reinstalling it. Don't worry, all of your Spotify music and playlists are tied to your account, so they'll appear again when you log back in.

2. Take the manual route

An iPhone on an orange background showing the first page of Spotify Wrapped 2023

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Spotify Wrapped should appear as a banner or tile in the Spotify app as soon as it's ready – this is the easiest way to find it. But if you can't see one of those, you can also try using Spotify's search bar.

In the app's search bar, try typing or 'spotify:datastories:wrapped' or '2023 Wrapped'. For us, typing in the former took us straight to our Wrapped 2023 roundup, but the latter may also produce a result that you can tap to take you through your slideshow.

3. Head to the Spotify mobile site

An iPhone on an orange background showing the Spotify Wrapped 2023 landing page on a browser

(Image credit: Future)

If the Spotify app is refusing to play ball, you can also try finding your Wrapped 2023 experience outside the app on the mobile site.

On an iOS or Android phone that has the Spotify app installed, open a web browser window and head to At the time of writing, that page appears to be down, possibly due to an overload of visitors. But eventually, you should see a button like 'download Spotify' that then takes you directly to your Wrapped roundup in the app.

How long will Spotify Wrapped 2023 be available?

Spotify Wrapped typically has a limited viewing window, after which it turns into a simple playlist of your favorite songs of the year.

Last year, Wrapped 2022 was available to view up until January 13, after which it redirected you to that playlist of songs. It isn't yet clear if this will be the same for Wrapped 2023, but it gives us a good idea of the window.

Want to listen to your Wrapped playlists from previous years? Head to the app's search bar and type 'wrapped 2019' or 'spotify:genre:2019' (depending on your chosen year).

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